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More than just headaches, migraines are a debilitating condition. Experience freedom from pain with our migraine specialist at The Migraine Institute and stop living life around your symptoms!

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Our Philosophy

Dr. Rodriguez’s migraine treatment philosophy is centered upon a holistic, evidence-based care approach and uses conservative treatment in conjunction with physical rehabilitation and behavioral support. As a migraine specialist and pain management doctor, his experience and education allow him and his staff to provide each patient with meticulous care and a highly effectual course of migraine/headache treatment. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez employs interventional techniques for patients whose pain does not respond to the initial route of treatment.

Not all pain is the same, so not all migraine treatments will be the same. Our migraine doctor at The Migraine Institute strives to efficiently diagnose your condition and ailments by custom-tailoring migraine/headache treatments to fit your needs and recovery goals. If your body does not respond effectively to the initial treatment, Dr. Rodriguez seeks additional ways to help you. The compassionate and experienced team behind The Migraine Institute conducts scheduled reassessments after your treatment to ensure your pain is manageable and kept under control.

Acute and chronic pain can be debilitating, and for many, the simple joys and tasks of life can become unbearable when pain is at it’s most intense. Let our migraine specialist engineer your solution to help you find freedom from pain and live the life you deserve.

Your Solution

At the Migraine Institute, Dr. Rodriguez and his highly qualified staff specialize in migraine treatment and pain management in a variety of ways. We understand that migraines are more than “just a bad headache.” Migraines hinder your daily life and the debilitating pain that seems to have no end can come at any time, preventing you from attending your child’s school concert, cheering on your team at the big football game you’ve been waiting months for, or simply functioning at work.

The Migraine Relief Institute understands that patients in the Dallas, Plano & North Texas area suffering from migraines need a comprehensive and highly individualized diagnostic and treatment plan. For some, migraines are brought on by changes in barometric pressure. Others may recognize certain foods as triggers. Just as the onslaught of pain is an individual experience, so is treatment.

For example, one patient may experience migraine relief with a particular medicine. However, when administered the same medication, another patient may describe it as ineffective at best, or precipitating unpleasant and undesirable side effects at worst. Migraine specialist, Dr. Rodriguez, has a personalized approach to each patient’s case helps us determine the best course of action for your migraine treatment.

The Migraine Institute located in Plano, Texas is dedicated to treating the debilitating disorder of chronic migraine pain. Dr. Rodriguez specializes in non-interventional pain treatments and is concentrated upon custom-tailoring each migraine treatment plan with your pain relief & pain management goals in mind.

Procedure and Benefits

In the United States, 18% of women and 6% of men reported experiencing migraine headaches. Of those, over half described their symptoms as fundamentally affecting daily life. Your North Texas pain management doctor will set a plan of treatment based on your set of symptoms. The Migraine Institute & migraine doctor, Dr. Rodriguez will help you identify patterns in your migraine headaches, evaluate the root causes, and establish a regimen to reduce both the severity and frequency of your migraines.

  • Analgesics, NSAIDs and Triptans

    In many cases, early migraine treatment with over the counter analgesics or non-steroid anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medicines can prevent a migraine from developing. However, for mild to moderate migraines, Dr. Rodriguez may discuss other courses of treatment, such as a class of medications called Triptans. Triptans work by constricting blood vessels that dilate during a migraine, easing the pain. While effective in many patients, Triptans are not suitable for individuals with a history of heart disease, stroke or hypertension. Dr. Rodriguez will counsel you in identifying the correct class of medications.

  • Variety of Treatment Mediums

    Some patients report migraine symptoms so severe that it affects their ability to take the very medication designed to alleviate it. Migraine symptoms like severe nausea prevent effective metabolism of oral treatments. The Migraine Institute will explore a range of administration methods including subcutaneous injections, sublingual tablets or drops placed beneath the tongue, sprays and even patches worn on the skin.

  • IV Therapy

    In keeping with The Dallas Pain Relief Center’s focus on conservative treatment, opioid pain relievers are only administered to patients with severe migraines unresponsive to other treatments. If your migraine pain is persistently debilitating, The Migraine Institute offers a possibility of intravenous (IV) treatment with corticosteroids, antinauseants and other medications like Dihydroergotamine (DHE), Propofol and Tramadol. IV treatment is administered to patients on site at the state of the art facility in Plano, Texas.

The ultimate goal through treatment is the riddance of pain caused by migraines. Though migraines may not be curable, the Migraine Institute is committed to diagnosing the problem and finding the best pain relief solution so you can enjoy a healthy, pain-free life.

Take Action

The most difficult part of pain treatment and pain management is the task of finding the right doctor to treat your specific needs. Once this has been completed, you can consider your chronic migraine pain resolved, because the Migraine Institute services patients in the Dallas Fort Worth & Plano area and is dedicated to each individual’s satisfaction. Let Dr. Rodriguez and his highly qualified staff help you with your migraine pain needs.

The Migraine Institute is part of the prestigious Pain Relief Center located in North Texas. The Pain Relief Center is dedicated to providing professional and custom devised healing and pain management services. Dr. Rodriguez and his highly qualified staff are part of a whole when it comes to the field of pain medicine, pain management and pain treatment. These individuals specialize in providing an all inclusive and positive treatment experience for patients when it comes to the management of acute and chronic migraine pain symptoms.

The staff of the Migraine Institute of Plano want to emphasize the importance of those who suffer from chronic migraine pain to request a consultation with us, even if the symptoms or frequency seem minor. We will guide you along the path of recovery through diagnosis of the triggers of your pain, devising a custom-made treatment so that you may gain the freedom of a reduced pain lifestyle.


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