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When pain holds you back and affects your quality of life, The Microsurgery Spine Institute offers noninvasive, conservative pain relief treatments to help you reclaim your life.

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Our Philosophy

Dr. Rodriguez, spine and pain management doctor, has a treatment philosophy centered upon a holistic, evidence-based care approach. He uses conservative pain relief treatments in conjunction with physical rehabilitation and behavioral support. His experience and education allow him to provide each patient with thorough care and a highly effective course of treatment. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez utilizes interventional techniques for patients whose pain does not respond to the initial course of treatment.

Not all pain is the same, so not all pain relief treatments will be the same. The Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute strives to efficiently diagnose your condition and ailments by custom-tailoring the treatment to fit your specific needs and recovery goals. If your body does not respond effectively to the initial treatment, Dr. Rodriguez seeks additional ways to help you. The compassionate and experienced team behind The Spine and Pain Relief Institute conduct scheduled reassessments after your treatment to ensure your pain is manageable and kept under control.

Acute and chronic pain can be debilitating, and for many, the simple joys and tasks of life can become unbearable when pain is at it’s most intense. Let the Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute engineer your solution to help you find freedom from pain so you can live the life you deserve.

Your Solution

When chronic spinal pain has taken control of your life and support seems out of reach, the Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute in Plano is there for you. Dr. Rodriguez tailors the treatment of each patient to fit his or her needs in an environment where patients’ stories come first, not doctors’ assumptions. Let Dr. Rodriguez and his friendly, experienced staff guide the preparation, procedure and recovery of your spinal microsurgery, customized to fit your circumstances.

The Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute offers patients state of the art, minimally and non-invasive procedures for the treatment of such conditions such as joint pain, old injury pain, spinal pain and arthritis pains. Those who are looking to manage and mitigate pain in these areas and more congregate from all over the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area to Dr. Rodriguez and his expert staff.

We are committed to every patient’s satisfaction with their custom fabricated pain treatment, and work hard to diagnose afflictions simply by listening to the symptoms, and we offer a flexible treatment schedule to accommodate your lifestyle and time constraints, so that you can return to a pain-free lifestyle as soon as possible.

Procedure and Benefits

The Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute offers an array of microsurgeries to treat painful conditions and mitigate pain sources in various areas of the body. Minimally invasive, these procedures provide the benefits of surgery with minimum trauma and recovery time for the patient.

  • Percutaneous Discectomy

    For patients suffering severe lower back and leg pain caused by herniated disc and for whom more conservative treatment like bed rest, back support and medication have proven ineffective, Dr. Rodriguez offers a percutaneous discectomy. Using state of the art imaging technology, the pain relief physician removes a small amount of tissue from the herniated disc. This alleviates the pressure on and pinching of nerves providing pain relief restoring quality of life.

  • Facet Fusion

    The facet joints separate each vertebra from the one adjacent to it, and allow for neck and back movement when turning or bending. When these joints become irritated or damaged, any motion can be painful. Facet fusion performed at the Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute facilitates new bone tissue to grow around the damaged facet joints and mitigate painful mobility. Requiring only a small incision in the skin, facet fusion avoids the trauma and tissue damage of a traditional disc fusion while effectively stabilizing the spine.

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Patients for whom typical treatment regimens have been ineffective in mitigating excruciating back pain can find pain relief with Spinal Cord Stimulation. A small electric pulse from a discrete device implanted below the skin interrupts the pain signals traveling to the brain and replaces them with mild, pleasant sensation. If you suffer from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain or the postoperative trauma of failed back surgery, a Spinal Cord Stimulator might be a good option for you.

Take Action

The beginning of the journey to healing is finding your North Texas pain management doctor who can solve the problem most effectively and efficiently. Now that you’ve taken the first step, turn your wish for recovery into a reality. Complete the form at the top of the page and click submit. We’ll take it from there!

Our new center in Plano, TX is part of a large development project by Pain Relief Centers nationwide, which are all designed for providing personalized and comprehensive healing and pain management services with unheard of stages of compassion, care and comfort for every individual receiving care. Dr. Rodriguez, pain management doctor, and his staff are part of a group of specially trained professionals at the forefront of pain medicine, pain management and pain treatment, who are dedicated to providing an all-around positive treatment experience for the management of acute and chronic spine and pain symptoms.

The staff of the Microsurgery Spine and Pain Institute in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area implore those suffering from spine pain, arthritis pain, back pain or any other kind of pain to request a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, even if it may not seem significant to warrant treatment. Our staff will guide you through the process of diagnosis of the source of pain, devising a custom-made treatment, and the road to recovery to a pain free life.


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