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The Migraine Institute in Plano, Texas injects Botox in some patients to relieve pain from migraines. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


What is Botox and How Does It Help Migraines?

Though Botox may help in removing wrinkles, the injections also help to relieve pain caused by chronic migraines. During a migraine, the body sends pain signals to the central nervous system. Botox works to block to the signals before they reach the system so that the body does not experience pain during a migraine. Physicians know Botox to most effectively heal chronic migraines, or those occurring 15 days or more per month. Botox rarely helps patients who have migraines for fewer than 15 days in one month.

Seven sites divide the head and neck areas into parts where physicians can deliver Botox injections. Physicians may begin the first treatments by using more than 30 injection sites and increasing slightly with each treatment to a certain point. A patient usually receives the migraine treatment every three months unless the physician notes otherwise. Physicians use a tiny needle to inject Botox, upon which patients may feel small pinpricks of discomfort. When Botox enters the muscles of the shoulders, neck or head, it stops chemicals from travelling to certain nerve endings that can cause pain. The time period from the injection to the onset of pain relief remains different for every patient. While some may have pain relief after the first round of injections, others may not have relief until after two or three migraine treatments.


Risks & Other Factors

Though the procedure can greatly benefit patients in need of a treatment for migraines, risks also accompany Botox injections. Though negative reactions based on sensitivity rarely occur, patients can suffer from severe allergic reactions, rashes, breathlessness, illness and fluid retention. Patients may also experience negative reactions from Botox toxicity like muscle weakness and pneumonia, and in the worst scenario, death. As a result of the injection itself, infection, bleeding, bruising or swelling may result.

Though risks accompany the Botox procedure, Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez (migraine and pain relief specialist) and his staff at the Migraine Institute evaluate patients’ situations to find the best migraine treatment to relieve their pain. The Migraine Institute serves the areas of Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Carrollton.

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