How to Avoid ER Migraine Treatment 

More than 10% of Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Every year, one in seven of these people will go to the emergency room for severe migraine treatment. In fact, some of them will go several times a year.  But what can they do in the emergency room for...

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Migraine Doctor for Headaches

Do you need to see a migraine doctor or specialist for headaches? Migraines are intense headaches that can cause painful throbbing or pulsing sensations on one or both sides of the head. They are often characterized by light or sound sensitivity and have been known to...

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Spine Doctors Treatment for Back Pain

With an estimated 80 percent of adults today experiencing some level of back pain at some point during life, you are certainly not alone if your own back is hurting at the moment. In fact, back pain is the number one cause of disability on the job and contributes to...

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What is a Pain Management Clinic?

Sound familiar?: I'm in pain all the time, but am not sure where to turn, now. I've heard the terms 'pain management clinic' tossed around and am a little curious. What is a pain management clinic? What do I need to expect if I go? How do I go about finding one? What...

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Facts About Lower Back Pain

Lower back discomfort is a health condition that many experiences at some time in their lives. Lower back discomfort begins below the ribcage and can be intense. It is important to keep in mind; lower back discomfort often gets better on its own; however, when it...

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Back Pain: Possibly Disc Problems

Our spinal Discs act as little pivots for each joint segment of the spine. Strong and elastic, they give us stability when standing and enable our lower back and neck to perform a wide range of motion. Some of the terms used interchangeably for spinal problems are a...

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