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Our Philosophy

The Pain Relief Center knows what you are going through. You are in pain, you need answers and you want them now. This is the beginning of your search for relief. Finding the right pain relief doctor directly affects your health, mobility and quality of life. Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez and his experienced, Dallas-area team offer an unparalleled patient experience, centering their work around holistic, conservative treatments, physical rehabilitation and behavioral support. This means less major surgery, fewer opioid medications, and peace of mind for you and your family.

Not all chronic pain is the same. We are all individuals with our own medical histories, experiences and life stories. Dr. Rodriguez works to diagnose your condition and provide an answer to the question “when will I be free of my pain?” with custom-tailored treatment plans that fit your needs. Patients’ feedback comes first--not automatic assumptions--and procedures are customized for your specific experiences of pain. If your body does not respond effectively to the initial treatment, Dr. Rodriguez seeks additional ways to help you move beyond chronic back pain, joint pain, neuropathy and migraines. The compassionate and experienced team behind The Pain Relief Center conduct scheduled reassessments after your treatment to ensure your pain is manageable and kept under control.

Chronic pain can leave you feeling discouraged and alienated. For many the simple joys of life, such as picking up a child, cooking, or even basic walking, are halted when chronic pain reaches its peak. This is your life, your diagnosis and your solution. Let The Pain Relief Center walk with you to find your freedom from pain so you can start living the life you should.

Stop Osteoarthritis Pain Research Study

The study is for an antibody that may provide relief for those who suffer from hip and knee arthritis who have not benefitted from standard procedures.

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Stop Back Pain Research Study

The study is for an injection that may increase the self-healing of a herniated or protruding disc rather than undergoing major surgery.

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Delayed release prednisone in PMR Study

The study is a randomized, open-label, dose-ranging study of oral delayed release prednisone delayed release prednisone in patients with untreated polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR).

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Your Solution

The Pain Relief Center specializes in pain and injury treatment in a variety of fields. We know the #1 goal for our patients is to simply return to a normal lifestyle as soon as possible, to life a life free from pain, and to be able to perform the normal daily routines, hobbies and business activities so many people may take for granted. Dr. Rodriguez individually evaluates patient's cases to determine a specific course of action according to your specific needs.

Dr. Rodriguez is dedicated to communicating to his patients that he has the solution to your pain, and can diagnose your afflictions just by listening to what you have to say. We specialize in interventional and non-interventional pain treatments, and it is 100% up to you whether or not you are comfortable with an invasive or non-invasive treatment.

The Pain Relief Center is devoted to offering cutting-edge treatments and moving beyond traditional pain management regimens that fail to free you from your pain, or result in harmful and dangerous side effects. All procedures are minimally invasive and most patients are able to return to work the next day.

We offer a flexible schedule to accommodate your lifestyle and time constraints, as well as personalized service to our easily-accessible staff not only during business hours, but also through an after hours service should you need urgent attention from the doctor.

Procedure and Benefits

The Pain Relief Center provides a plethora of unique, custom treatments and procedures, all with one specific objective: to give each patient the ultimate experience in same day procedures with unrivaled quality of care in a state-of-the-art Dallas-Fort Worth area facility with highly trained and specialized staff. Whether you suffer from arthritis, neuropathy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic back pain or other conditions that affect your quality of life, The Pain Relief Center can provide the treatment and pain management you seek.

  • Noninvasive

    Dr. Rodriguez offers the best, most advanced noninvasive procedures. Your body has already experienced trauma. The very treatment you receive for your life-altering pain should not inflict more. Available noninvasive treatments include Trigger Point Injections to ease chronic muscle knots and spasms and Rhizotomy to block pain signals from nerves pinched by a degenerative facet joint. Patients for whom typical treatment regimens have been ineffective in mitigating excruciating back pain can find relief with Spinal Cord Stimulation. A small electric pulse from a discrete device implanted below the skin interrupts the pain signals travelling to the brain and offers reprieve of reflex sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain and the effects of failed back surgeries.

  • Targeted & Precise

    Using state-of-the-art tools, The Pain Relief Center conducts the groundbreaking process of Pain Mapping, which allows for the precise pinpointing and isolation of specific nerve groups affected. Dr. Rodriguez uses real-time, medication-filled X-ray injections to isolate treatment to the local source of your pain in a rare, but highly effective technique to deliver such treatments as a Lumbar Sympathetic Block and Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections.

  • Holistic

    Your chronic and severe pain is not a cut that requires only a band-aid. It is a complex, constant physical and emotional experience. For this reason, Dr. Rodriguez focuses on non opioid treatments and medications. While opioid treatments have proven effective in conservative applications, prolonged use or higher doses are shown in research to be ineffective and potentially harmful. The Pain Relief Center offer a range of holistic treatments to augment clinical procedures and medications. Highly trained staff provide instruction on the use of compound creams, stretching regimens, and yoga, among others. Your pain is multifaceted and your treatment should be as well.

The ultimate goal of all of our procedures is the riddance of pain, a simple yet life-changing benefit of choosing the right pain management doctor for you. Engage in your favorite activities, enjoy the time with the ones you love and return to your way of living, pain-free.


Take Action

The most critical step on the path to recovery is finding a pain management doctor who can address your pain management needs successfully. The Pain Relief Center and is four specialized institutes are dedicated to meeting all of a patient's needs. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dr. Rodriguez and his friendly staff will help you along the path to recovery.

Our new center in Dallas is part of a nationwide development by Pain Relief Centers, geared to providing individualized and comprehensive healing and pain management services with unprecedented levels of compassion, care and comfort for each patient. Dr. Rodriguez’s staff is part of a group of specifically trained, caring professionals at the vanguard of pain medicine, management and treatment. We are dedicated to providing all-inclusive treatment for the management of acute and chronic pain symptoms throughout the area.

Dr. Rodriguez and his team of highly qualified specialists urge anyone suffering from any type of pain to request a consultation and more information. Our staff will guide each patient through the process of determining the source of the pain, reviewing possible treatments, administering the treatment, and guiding them down the path of recovery. We assure you that all you need to do is reach out to our clinic, and The Pain Relief Center will explore all outlets necessary to help you improve your quality of life, and help you get back to a pain-free lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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Chronic Pain Survivor

It sounds like a cliche, but it is true: Dr. Rodriguez literally saved my life. In November 2010, I became Dr. Rodriguez' patient. I was on heavy narcotic pain medication and mentally and physically, I was a shell of my former self. After telling me why such pain meds would shorten my life, he slowly weaned me off of them. And, he introduced me to non-narcotic pain medications and treatments that gave me an enormous amount of relief and allowed me to regain my mental faculties. In the summer of 2011, Dr. Rodriguez put in a spinal cord stimulator that worked and continues to work on my pain issues.

Given that I have had six spinal fusions and I have a spinal cord injury, pain is something with which I have to deal everyday. But thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, the pain is manageable and now I can be a better mother to my three-year-old son and a better wife to my husband. I cannot say enough good things about him and his wonderful staff.

His staff and Maya Graham are always there when I need them and Dr Rodriguez is easily reached by email. What more could any patient ask for?


Spinal Cord Stimulator

Dr. Rodriguez implanted the St. Jude's trial spinal cord stimulator system into my spine this past Monday, so I am on day 3 of the trial period. This is where only the electrodes are implanted next to the spinal cord and they are connected to wires which come out of my lower back and connect to an external controller/power supply.

I normally take about 5 narcotic pain pills and 3 muscle relaxers a day just to keep the pain at a level that I can tolerate and I never get a full night's sleep. I am thrilled to say that I have only taken 3 pain pills and 2 muscle relaxers TOTAL in the last 3 days, plus last night I was able to sleep for almost 8 full hours straight! I will go in Friday to have the temporary system removed and to discuss having the full system implanted which I can't wait for because the research I have done shows that the fully implanted system will have even better results than the temporary system.

It is a great feeling to have pain relief without taking medications and to have a clear mind without the hazy effect of narcotic pain meds or muscle relaxers. I have a degenerative disc disease and I have had 4 prior spine surgeries, so believe me when I say I understand spine pain. The spinal cord stimulator system is nothing short of a miracle! The staff office at Dr. Rodriguez' is the best! While nobody would want to have the need to see a spine specialist, it's comforting to know that I am in great hands!!


Epidural Steroid Injections

I had my third epidural steroid injections done today and I just wanted to thank the wonderful staff at Dr. Rodriguez' office. The OR and post op nurses are great. This is a fantastic team who make you feel cared for and comfortable from the time you enter the facility. A big thumbs up to Dr. Rodriguez and nurses and several others who help take the nervousness away with their great care and laughter. I am now about 2 weeks out from my third shot and it has really helped, I am 1 out of 10 on the pain scale. Will be the first Christmas in 5 years that I've been able to go home almost pain free!