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Pain Management & Wellness Doctor, Plano

Our Philosophy

Dr. Rodriguez, pain management and wellness doctor, has a treatment philosophy centered upon a holistic, evidence-based care approach using conservative treatments in conjunction with physical rehabilitation and behavioral support. His experience and education allow him to provide each patient with thorough care and a highly effective course of treatment. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez utilizes interventional techniques for patients whose pain does not respond to the initial course of treatment.

Not all pain is the same, so not all wellness treatments will be the same. The Wellness Center serves the Dallas-Fort Worth, Plano & Frisco communities, striving to efficiently diagnose and provide appropriate treatment and advice to help each patient prevent future ailments and stay healthy. If your body does not respond effectively to the initial regimen, Dr. Rodriguez seeks additional ways to help you. The experienced team behind The Wellness Center conduct scheduled reassessments after your course of wellness treatments. For our team, your health, wellness and comfort are of lasting consequence.

Acute and chronic pain can be debilitating, and for many, the simple joys and tasks of life can become unbearable when pain is at its most intense. Let the Wellness Center in Plano, Texas find your solution to help you find freedom from pain so you can live the life you deserve.

Your Solution

Serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, the Wellness Center’s state of the art facility offers a supportive and energizing ambiance to help you meet your wellness goals with the latest in technology. The Wellness Center focuses on exercise, holistic body treatments and mind-rejuvenating practices to keep your brain, body and spirit well. Wellness specialist, Dr. Rodriguez, works with patients through hormone therapy and weight loss to lessen the influence of body changes and weight gain on chronic pain.

Carrying extra weight not only puts more pressure on your knees and other parts of your body, but it can also make it more difficult to identify health problems, including chronic pain. It can be more difficult to hear your heart and lungs and to feel masses. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff work with you to determine the best course of action customized to your age, body type and medical history for shedding an appropriate amount of weight and reenergizing your body.

Imbalanced hormones can leave you feeling like a different person. Not only does the imbalance affect your body and state of mind, but it can also put a damper on your relationships and your job. Hormone therapy can mitigate the discomfort and distress associated with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight changes, and more. Dr. Rodriguez will work with you to determine if hormone therapy is the right choice for you.


Restore your body and prevent future health problems by replacing hormones lost during menopause. Natural hormone replacement can stop ailments like insomnia, depression and hot flashes. Energy, sharpness of thought and libido, can also be increased or improved through hormone replacement.

Organize a full exercise routine with guides on exercises, sets and repetitions fitted to your body’s capabilities so that you can lose the weight without increasing the pain. Practicing proper alignment and strengthening muscles essential to your area of pain during exercise can improve the strength your core, in turn stabilizing areas like the back and hips, reducing joint pain and discomfort.

As part of the holistic experience of the Plano Wellness Center, you can get professional recommendations on using recipes with the healthiest ingredients and following a diet best suited for your body type and specific chronic pain condition. Consuming the right foods, vitamins and other supplements can balance your body and speed the process of healing. Receive advice not only on exercising and dieting but also on living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Getting a full night’s rest, avoiding activities that may provoke the pain and maintaining a positive attitude help you to feel well and remain pain-free.

Take Action

The beginning of the journey to healing is finding the North Texas pain management doctor who can solve the problem most effectively and efficiently. Now that you’ve taken the first step, turn your wish for recovery into a reality. You can consider your pain and discomfort an element of the past. The Wellness Center in Plano is dedicated to your health and well-being. Let Dr. Rodriguez and his qualified staff help you live a healthy, active, mindful lifestyle.

Dr. Rodriguez and his staff of highly qualified and trained specialists advocate those who wish to solve their pain problems, diseases and afflictions with exercises and treatments to schedule a consultation today. Our staff will guide you through the process of determining the best course of action according to your specific needs, administering pertinent treatments and travelling the path of recovery. Your commitment to yourself to work toward recovery and prevention of future pain not only boosts your confidence but inspires those around you who see your positive changes. Schedule a consultation with the Wellness Center today and see the positivity in your life blossom. Your journey to improvement begins here.


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