Treating Chronic Back Pain Without Opiates Using Non-Invasive Techniques

treating chronic back pain without opiates

Back pain is one of the most prevalent types of chronic pain experienced by individuals. Chronic back pain can occur for a wide variety of reasons including injury, disease, or complications during surgery. Unfortunately, chronic back pain is one of the most difficult types of pain to treat, but in the last several years, several methods outside of traditional medications have been developed that have substantially increased recovery rates amongst individuals.

Treatments for chronic back pain tend to fall into two different categories, invasive procedures, and non-invasive procedures. Non-invasive pain management covers a wide range of treatment options. These non-invasive pain treatment options will be the subjects covered below. As with any type of pain management, it is important that these options all be done under the direct supervision of a Plano pain management specialist.

How to Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Opiates


Although chronic back pain may limit one’s mobility, proper exercise can help reduce chronic back pain. Increasing strength and flexibility can help restore lost mobility. This approach also has the added benefit of increased cardiovascular health, which in turn can increase one’s overall health.

Manual Techniques

In some instances, the application of force or pressure to targeted parts of the back may help in alleviating symptoms. There are several different ways this technique is done including massage.

Behavioral Modification

Many people believe back pain can be treated only through physical techniques. However, there is substantial evidence supporting the effectiveness of behavioral modification to treat back pain. By teaching patients relaxation techniques, coping mechanisms, and other means of cognitive therapy individuals can see a reduction in pain.

Superficial Heating and Cooling of The Skin

Alternating cold packs and heat packs in conjunction with proper exercise techniques have been shown to help alleviate back pain in many individuals.


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