Vitamin Therapy Can Prevent Illness, Improve Heath Conditions and Rejuvenate One’s Body

vitamin therapy

Having cocktails after a day’s work can help one relax, socialize and recharge before the next day begins. While the concept is quite conventional, many may soon find themselves indulging in Meyer’s cocktails rather than those of an alcoholic nature. The busy lifestyles of many have resulted in a lack of gaining proper nutrition, namely in the form of essential vitamins that can help fight against or prevent sickness or unhealthy body conditions, like obesity. The holistic practice of IV vitamin therapy has grown in prominence and stands as one way to receive vitamins the body needs. At its simplest, the practice involves blending vitamins for a specific individual and using an IV to inject the vitamins into the individual’s bloodstream, where they are transferred directly to cells. In this way, patients can receive vitamins they may not realize they need and in doses, they may not be able to take orally.

How Can Vitamin Therapy Help Me?

Vitamin therapy has been found to improve an array of conditions, from cancer to Parkinson’s disease to depression. The Meyer’s cocktail, a popular blend that includes magnesium and calcium, is known to help sufferers of asthma, migraines, allergies, and hyperthyroidism, along with many other health issues. Considering the special benefits given by each vitamin, doctors can blend based on which vitamin would help each patient’s health condition. Obesity lies as one condition treated by vitamin therapy, with several blends acting as agents in the spurring of weight loss.

Malnutrition can create a cycle in those suffering from obesity in that it causes the individual to feel tired, making him or her crave more food. Taking in more vitamins with a combination of healthy eating and exercise can greatly and positively influence weight loss. For example, lacking in vitamins A, C and E are believed to lower immunity in those who are overweight, causing them to become ill or get cancer more easily. Boosting one’s intake of vitamins A, C and E can help to fight against sickness, especially in those who may be prone to becoming ill due to obesity. In another instance, taking B vitamins can energize and distress an individual who may be suffering from a shortage.

If vitamins that can already help health conditions can be taken by mouth, why would someone take them through an IV? IV vitamin therapy offers a bypass of the digestive system and liver, where vitamins taken orally can lose part of their power through the process. With IV vitamin therapy, vitamins can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream and can promptly enter cells, increasing one’s chance of taking in a higher amount of the vitamin and, in turn, increasing the positive effect it can have on the body. Furthermore, avoiding the stomach means no possibility of stomach upset or other digestive system ailments that could result from a large number of vitamins. Vitamin therapy serves as an easy and highly beneficial way to obtain one’s needed nutrition to treat certain conditions, like obesity. IV vitamin therapy can also be covered through insurance, making it easier to obtain nutrition for a lower cost. Through IV injections as an alternative way to gain vitamins, one can find his or her way to a healthier lifestyle.

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