Staying healthy this holiday season shouldn’t be a task. Looking to the future, when the holiday season is months away we tend to think of it as a peaceful, restful, blissful time for year. Extra time with friends, family and food! However, each year there are many stressful obligations to tackle that rob one of their well deserved peace. Family gatherings, over indulgence, and holiday shopping can eat into one’s routine, which in turn causes a need to make sacrifices. For this reason, exercise, healthy diet, and restful weekends are shoved into the backseat, causing an unhealthy balance to swing front and center into your life.

However, with these three simple habits, you will feel restful, blissful and looking forward to the next holiday season with certainty.

Habit Number One

Don’t change your routine. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, therefore do not make the same mistake you have in the past, but instead keep your routine solid through the holidays. There are certainly a lot of obligations that will unfold and take up time you may not have enough of to spare. For this reason, implement a wise plan of action. Moreover, the upshot of this plan is not to dispense anymore complications to your schedule. In other words, do not add a strenuous workout plan, or new dance class, instead be kind to yourself and continue the exercise that has been working so far this year. If you take two twenty-minute walks a week or four long runs, continue including these actions into your daily routine. If family is in town visiting, ask them to join you! In this way the stress of obligations can fall by the wayside.

Habit Number Two

Eat a balanced diet. You are what you eat, making healthy choices will help you feel your best and have enough energy to keep up with friends and family. There will be holiday meals galore! Therefore, fill up on a balanced diet even during holiday meals. Choose healthy lean proteins and large helpings of fresh veggies and fruits. By filling up first on healthy food, your craving for rich desserts will be capped. You can do your part by incorporating healthy dishes into the holiday dinner spread. Offer to bring a salad or fresh veggies to snack on.

Furthermore, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. As a general rule, a hungry person is first a thirsty person. Water will replenish your dehydrated body, and subside cravings for food. By staying hydrated, there will be much more ease in controlling cravings and choosing healthy food for your holiday dinners.

Habit Number Three

Avoid the stress. Depending on how you handle stress, as a general rule, choices need to be made that will ensure ample time for all the holiday obligations. Basically, do not overextend yourself. Understand that not all invites can be checked with a “yes!” It is your time to enjoy with friends and family; therefore you must listen to your gut reactions. If you’re simply not feeling excited about Aunt Barbs chili cook off and you have a dinner invite with friends that same evening it’s okay to make a choice that suites your best interest, even if that means going to yoga class instead. By constructing your daily events, you’re being kind to yourself. If you feel overwhelmed with obligations, it’s time to cut some things out of the mix and listen to your body. This season it’s time to enjoy your holiday!

Enjoy Your Holiday

By following the above three simple habits, you will surely have a relaxed and healthy holiday to remember. Take a few moments now to look at a calendar and begin penciling in your plans. That way when surprises come up you can simply look at your calendar and know if they are plausible. By eating healthy, sticking to your routine and planning your schedule in advance you will undoubtedly enjoy a healthy holiday season.

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