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Regain lost mobility, range of motion and return to a vibrant, active lifestyle. Our stem cell doctor at The Stem Cell Institute will help you explore innovative treatment in cellular growth and regeneration.

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Our Philosophy

Dr. Rodriguez, stem cell specialist, has a treatment philosophy that is centered upon a holistic, evidence-based care approach. He uses conservative treatment in conjunction with physical rehabilitation and behavioral support. His expertise and world-class education allows him and his team to provide each patient with thorough care and a highly effective course of treatment. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez utilizes interventional techniques for patients whose pain does not respond to the initial course of pain relief treatment.

Not all pain is the same, so not all treatments will be the same. The Stem Cell Institute strives to efficiently mitigate your condition and ailments by custom-tailoring the pain relief treatment to fit your needs and recovery goals. If your body does not respond effectively to the initial treatment, Dr. Rodriguez seeks additional ways to help you. The compassionate and experienced team behind The Pain Relief Center conduct scheduled reassessments after your treatment to ensure your pain is manageable and kept under control.

Acute and chronic pain can be debilitating, and for many, the simple joys and tasks of life can become unbearable when pain is at it’s most intense. Let our stem cell specialist at The Stem Cell Institute engineer your solution to help you find freedom from pain so you can live the life you deserve.

Your Solution

At the Stem Cell Institute, Dr. Rodriguez and his experienced staff offer revolutionary options in the treatment and management of your chronic pain conditions. Located in a state of the art facility in Plano and powered by The Pain Relief Center, The Stem Cell Institute provides unmatched care to patients in Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Lewisville, Carrollton, and Coppell as well as the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Dr. Rodriguez is committed to the meticulous fabrication of individual stem cell treatment for qualified patients whose quality of life and mobility are affected by neck or back arthritis, spine disease, knee, shoulder, elbow and hand problems, as well as ankle and hip problems.

Procedure and Benefits

Stem cells are unspecialized cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division, sometimes after long periods of inactivity. Under certain conditions, they can be induced to develop into tissue or organ specific cells with special functions, where they can regularly divide to repair and replace worn out or damaged tissues. In adult tissues, such as bone marrow, muscle and the brain, discrete populations of adult stem cells generate replacements for cells that are lost through wear and tear, injury or disease. This is what the Stem Cell Institute in Plano specializes in with our stem cell therapy treatments.

Stem cell therapy via stromal vascular fraction (SVF) is approved for the treatment of disk extrusions or protrusions, disk annular tears, and facet arthropathy in back and neck arthritis and spine disease. SVF is the enzymatic liquefaction and subsequent isolation of adult stem cells from adipose tissue. SVF injection procedures are beneficial for joint pain associated with chronic conditions or old injuries. Patients receiving such treatment may experience positive results regaining mobility and range of motion. This treatment elicits positive results in former athletes with old injuries, overuse, and joint damage from forceful, repetitive motions. In addition, intravenous administration of SVF may be used to treat certain autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s disease and autoimmune arthritis as well as neuropathy.

Stem cell treatment offers qualified patients a chance to not only manage and mitigate their pain, but address the very source of their pain on a cellular level, encouraging cell growth, repair and regeneration. As such, recipients of the treatment experience more sustained results. Patients looking to restore mobility and improve quality of life can have their own stem cell treatment program to treat a plethora of diseases and ailments at the Stem Cell Institute in Plano, Texas where we custom tailor your pain relief treatment to your very specific needs.

Take Action

The first step on the path to recovery is finding a stem cell specialist & pain management doctor who can solve your individual problems quickly and effectively. Once this step has been taken, you can consider your pain a thing of the past, because the Stem Cell Institute is dedicated to delivering the latest in stem cell therapy treatments to eligible patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Dr. Rodriguez and his staff of highly qualified and trained stem cell specialists advocate those who wish to solve their pain problems, diseases and afflictions with stem cell treatments to schedule a consultation today. Our staff will work to understand the specifics of your pain, identify and diagnose the cause, and help you decide if stem cell treatments are right for you on your path to recovery.


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