The Pain Relief Center, Plano TX

Our facility was designed with one objective: to give each patient the ultimate experience in same-day procedures with an unrivaled quality of care. The Pain Relief Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to perform a number of out patient procedures for chronic pain relief including back and lower back pain, neck pain, spinal pain, muscle pain, arthritis pain, joint pain & more. Click on a procedure below to learn more about each specialty performed at our center. If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Plano area, let pain relief specialist Dr. Rodriguez and his staff help you today.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

Before Procedure

  • Nothing by mouth before the procedure including, juice, gum, mints, ect.

Morning Surgery

  • Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before your procedure.
  • Brush teeth without swallowing water.

Afternoon Surgery

  • You may eat a light meal eight (8) hours and clear liquids six (6) hours prior to your procedure.
  • Nothing by mouth at least six (6) hours prior to your procedure.

Medications & Alcohol

  • Alcohol
    • NO Alcohol for 24 hours prior to procedure.
  • Coumadin
    • Coumadin must be stopped prior to your procedure.
    • You MUST consult with your prescribing physician for appropriate directions BEFORE stopping this medication.
  • Aspirin
    • Stop aspirin for seven (7) days prior to your scheduled procedure.
    • If you are taking aspirin for your heart, speak with your cardiologist BEFORE stopping this medication.
  • Insulin
    • Take 1/2 of your prescribed insulin dosages the morning of your procedure.
    • For afternoon procedures, drink 4-6 ounces of juice with morning insulin. Please bring insulin with you on the day of your procedure.
  • Other Prescribed Medications
    • Take your prescribed morning medications with a sip of water the day of procedure.

Day of Procedure

  • Pre-Operation
    • Check in one (1) hour before your procedure time.
    • Late arrival may necessitate cancellation.
  • ID and Insurance
    • Bring a picture I.D. and all applicable insurance cards (including co insurance).
    • Please check with your insurance company for deductible/ co payment amounts.
  • Ride
    • A Responsible Adult Companion MUST drive you home and aid in your care after your procedure.
  • Dress
    • Wear loose comfortable clothing. Do not wear eye contacts, please wear your glasses instead.
  • Belongings
    • Do not bring anything of value.
  • Sterility of procedure area
    • You should shower or bathe the evening before or the morning of your procedure.