Erectile dysfunction—it’s embarrassing and disappointing. It can be even more so to discuss. But it’s real, and it’s a common problem.

Men who experience erectile dysfunction have trouble getting or keeping an erection firm enough to have sex. Some who suffer from it treat it with pills or hormone therapy. However, oral medications can spur side effects such as a heart attack or stroke. Instead of correcting erectile dysfunction with a short-term fix, stem cell therapy offers a safe and noninvasive solution.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Your Own Cells

While penile nerves impaired from surgery or testosterone loss can trigger erectile dysfunction, damage to the blood vessels in the penis stands as the top cause. The damaged blood vessels can’t facilitate blood flow properly, which makes it more difficult to achieve an erection. But repairing the tissues with procedures like stem cell therapy can help.

Stem cells exist throughout your body, and they work to repair damaged tissues and cells. Doctors can extract stem cells from one part of your body and inject them into an injured area of your body to speed the healing process.

In erectile dysfunction treatment, physicians take adult stem cells from your body and use them to strengthen and repair penile tissues.

How It Works

Doctors draw stem cells from fat in your body, which contain growth factors, fibroblasts and other types of cells that can heal tissues. After separating the vascular tissue from the rest of the elements in the stem cell, the doctor washes and tests it to ensure the tissue is good to go.

When the stem cells are injected into the penile tissues, they can begin to repair the damaged blood vessels to restore your ability to keep an erection during sex. Sometimes you can feel pressure during the procedure and soreness afterward, but, overall, the procedure is painless. The results usually last for several years.

Pain medication and general anesthesia remain unnecessary, and because the procedure involves using your own cells, the risk of the body’s rejection or allergic reaction to the stem cells is quite low.

The Stem Cell Institute Can Help You

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? The Stem Cell Institute in Plano can restore normality in your life with stem cell therapy. It’s quick, safe and noninvasive. Plus, you won’t have to deal with negative side effects from oral treatments. Also, erectile dysfunction treatment with stem cell therapy lasts longer than other types of treatments.

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