Find Relief from Osteoarthritis Pain—Get Rid of Bone-on-Bone Pain Once and for All

Participate in a Clinical Study at the Pain Relief Center in Plano

Do you have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in your hip or knee? The Pain Relief Center aims to blast joint pain by conducting a clinical study to find a solution for those who failed to find relief from standard procedures. Sign up today to help doctors discover new ways to relieve pain for you and others who suffer from osteoarthritis but haven’t found a successful treatment.

What is the study?

The Pain Relief Center in Plano will host a clinical study to test the effectiveness of Tanezumab, an antibody that halts inflammatory-growth factors. It’s similar to Humara and other biologics that help rheumatoid arthritis. The medication has been known to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis and improve patient function. During the study, doctors will evaluate your condition, administer treatment and monitor the results. Doctors will divide study participants into three groups, one taking Tanezumab, one taking Tanezumab with a titration arm and the other taking a placebo.

The study will take place over 16 weeks in addition to a follow-up period, and both men and women can participate. We’ll check on your progress throughout the study by clinic visits and phone calls as well as by monitoring your electronic diary entries. We’ll be with you at each step of the study to ensure you understand your participant obligations and to see how you’re doing. We’ll answer any questions you have at any time.

Sometimes patients end up needing surgery or have another need due to an unforeseen condition uncovered by the study. Should your participation take an unexpected route, we’ll help you find a solution so you can receive the proper healthcare. Your safety remains our first priority.

How will the study help me?

The study takes an in-depth look at your osteoarthritis pain and aims to reduce or halt it. Your participation in the study opens doctors to new discoveries, diagnoses and solutions to joint pain, which helps you and others with similar health conditions find relief. It helps doctors better understand your condition and provides a way for you to try solutions you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Participating in a clinical study creates a positive situation from your anguish while helping yourself, others and the future of healthcare. A portion of your time could mean pain-free lives for others for generations.

What will happen during the study?

Screening period

  • You’ll consent to the study.
  • We’ll talk to you about your pain and other general information to build a subject profile
  • We’ll screen you for criteria and instruct you on what will happen during the upcoming weeks
  • At the end of the screening, you’ll set up a personal subject diary, learn how to use it, schedule x-rays and get instructions on how to use your medication during the study

Treatment period

  • On the first day, we’ll ensure you meet the randomization criteria before we start
  • From the first day to Week 16, you’ll attend clinic visits every four weeks with an additional visit at Week 2
  • On the first day and Week 8, you’ll take a pregnancy test before your dosing
  • We’ll monitor your NSAID use as you record it electronically throughout the study. We’ll contact you when we see the use reported to get more information.
  • We’ll withdraw you from the study and place you in a safety follow-up period if NSAID use does not help osteoarthritis pain, if you haven’t taken NSAIDs for a cumulative period of fewer than 30 days or if you no longer want to comply with the NSAID restrictions

Follow-up period

  • We’ll check on you every four weeks through clinic visits and by phone to see how your medication is working, review diary entries and remind you of contraceptive requirements

Post-Treatment period

  • If you don’t complete the regular treatment period, you’ll complete a 24-week, post-treatment follow up where we’ll check your progress in one clinic visit every eight weeks
  • If you undergo a total knee, hip or shoulder replacement during the study, we’ll conduct a joint replacement follow up to check on your progress

Who can participate?

In order to participate, you must:

  • Give your consent
  • Comply with lifestyle guidelines, scheduled visits, treatment plan lab tests and study procedures
  • Discontinue all osteoarthritis medications during the study, except for rescue medication
  • Be at least 18 years old and have a body mass index of less than or equal to 39 kg/m²
  • Meet specifics for the type of osteoarthritis pain
  • Have failed other standard treatments for osteoarthritis pain
  • Be confirmed as postmenopausal if you are a woman who does not have the potential to bear children
  • Not be pregnant or lactating and must use proper contraception during the study if you are a woman who has the potential to bear children

You may not participate if you:

  • Have a history of other non-osteoarthritis diseases
  • Have a history of an osteonecrosis or osteoporotic fracture
  • Had significant trauma or surgery to the knee, hip or shoulder within the previous year
  • Have a history of other various joint conditions
  • Take a medication that may cause confusion in your joint assessment
  • Have specific problems affecting your sympathetic nervous system
  • Have a history of carpal tunnel syndrome within the year prior to the study

Other criteria accompany the ones listed above. Please contact the Pain Relief Center in Plano at (214) 709-1904 for more information on participation criteria details for the study.

How do I sign up?

Interested in helping doctors find groundbreaking solutions to reducing joint pain? Complete and submit the registration form, and we’ll send you an email regarding the next steps of your participation.