Chronic joint pain is as tough to treat as it is debilitating. Inflamed joints are painful, difficult to move and sometimes prohibit basic motor function. Daily activities are shadowed by a persistent ache or burning sensation that never quite disappears. Living with the realities of a degenerative disease and the self-care it requires can be exhausting. But thanks to stem cell therapy, it might not have to be.

Conventional treatments can only do so much in terms of pain management and are typically ineffective long-term. Pain medications only provide temporary relief. Prolonged use can be dangerous or cause other complications such as stomach pain, headaches and addiction. Over-the-counter treatments may be supplemented with regular steroid injections, or, in rare cases, surgery.

If you suffer from a degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis, it may seem as though the odds are stacked against you, but advancements in stem cell research could be the key to more efficient pain management and even healing. While scientists have yet to find a procedure to halt the progressive destruction of joints, stem cell therapy has shown promising results. Stem cells injected into the damaged joints can help maintain healthy tissue through cellular repair and inflammation reduction.


What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis develops as a result of aging or from other health conditions, including disease, obesity and trauma. As you age, the cartilage surrounding your joints begins to degrade, resulting in pain, stiffness, and, in extreme cases, limited mobility of the affected joint. Currently, there is no known cure for osteoarthritis, though regular exercise and proper diet may help prolong joint health.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. In fact, an estimated 27 million people aged 25 and older in the United States suffer from some form of it. Most cases of osteoarthritis never progress beyond its early stages, though more severe cases may make it difficult to walk, climb stairs and even sleep.


How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stem cell therapy is a relatively simple and safe procedure. The patient’s adult stem cells are extracted, purified and injected into the damaged area. They work with the patient’s blood and surrounding tissues to stimulate growth and and support for the damaged cells. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is sometimes used in tandem to help naturally boost growth factors.

Because the treatment is noninvasive, it’s relatively painless and isn’t accompanied by the disability or recovery period associated with surgery. The risks involved are fairly minimal. Some patients experience soreness and bruising at the injection site that lasts for a few days. No serious adverse effects have been recorded. Treatment can be repeated for optimal results.


Find Relief at the Stem Cell Institute in Plano, Texas

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy might be right for you. At the Pain Relief Center, we’re dedicated to finding you the relief you need so you can live a full and happy life. To see if you’re a candidate for stem cell treatment or to schedule an appointment, call the Stem Cell Institute today.

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